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  I’m sure we all have household chores that we despise. For me, it’s scrubbing the tub and vacuuming. I don’t know why. I do dishes daily, clean the kitchen daily, clean the guinea pig cage daily….I feel like I do laundry daily but it’s probably only 5 days a week LOL

  I found a way to make vacuuming more productive. We have a yellow lab named Lexi that I love so, so, so much! But she sheds almost an entire new dog daily. We have hardwood floors in the house so most of the time I just retrieve the tumbleweeds and call it a day. But a few times a week I have to run the vacuum because, well just because you have to vacuum or it’s gross.

  We have an area rug in the living room that Lexi loves to lie down on. She has dog odor that does not disappear no matter how often she’s bathed. At this point I don’t find it offensive, it’s just the way she smells. But I do hate that her scent gets into the carpet.

  I started using baking soda to help absorb the Lexi smell. I just sprinkle some on the carpet and leave it there while I vacuum the rest of the house. Then I vacuum the rug. We have a bagless vacuum so I empty it every time I use it. Even with Dave and I emptying it every time, the kids don’t always empty it so it started to get the smell too. I have noticed the vacuum not smelling as bad since I started using the baking soda.

  If you have a lovable but odoriferous furbaby and carpets, give this a try. It’s a cheap and non-toxic way to remove odors from your carpets.

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