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Just When You Think You’ve Got It All Done…….

You ever think that you are so prepared you don’t have anything to worry about? Don’t be so sure…..

I love, love, love my home work outs. I do them at least 6 days a week and know that clean eating and those work outs keep me on track to be the healthiest me I can be.

But I also like my kickboxing class on Tuesdays. My kids go to karate and at the same place they have kickboxing classes. I originally started going to learn how to run a kickboxing class in the hopes of teaching them someday. But once I started going I got hooked for myself. It’s like therapy and exercise in one!!!

I mean…it’s not nice to imagine people’s faces on the bag you’re punching…….

There seem to be a couple things that I typically run out of the house forgetting to do on kickboxing night, but last night I thought I was ahead of the game. I remembered to take off my ring and leave it at home, and remembered my pee pee pad. Just being real. Like a lot of women my age who have had kids, I can’t jump around without wetting my pants so precautions need to be taken! I was already in my work out clothes since I showered after my morning work out and just put on my clothes for kickboxing. But I forgot one important thing…..

Since I had gotten those clothes on early in the day, I just got dressed in a regular bra figuring I would change into a sports bra before I left for class. I remembered that about the time I pulled into the parking space at kickboxing.

I texted Dave and told him the situation. I added “Guarantee we’re doing jumping jacks tonight!”

I went into the gym, got shoes off and gloves on. I stood in front of my bag and as class started I heard Master Heath say “OK Jumping Jacks”  Yup. Right off the bat!

Now to be fair, when God was giving out breasts He decided that instead of hooters I only needed tweeters. There was no risk of me giving myself two black eyes. But it still is less than comfortable to be bouncing around like that without the lil girls strapped in properly. I just went with it and crossed my arms when no one was looking. Thankfully i was wearing a T-Shirt and not a tank top so that lessened the likelihood of a full blown noticeable escape.

I managed to make it through the variations of jumping jacks, burpees and jumps with my dignity (and my bra) intact. I think I’ll start using a checklist on Tuesdays to make sure this doesn’t happen again!


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