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Anyone Else Just Completely Exhausted?

 Do you ever feel like you’re constantly running but you always have a gigantic To-Do list staring at you? Like you need about 10 more hours in each day just to get it all done?


It seems like as every year goes by, human beings find more and more ways to be busy. You have to work 70 hours now to live when 40 used to be enough. Children are signed up for multiple activities: sports, clubs, music, church in addition to their usual homework and school days.

When we get a moment to sit down when work is not required: on the train or bus, at a restaurant, even on the toilet most of us immediately grab our phones to surf the web, play a game or check email.

What happened to just sitting down and relaxing? Taking a breather?

We do all have a lot of responsibility, but when we make our “To Do” Lists as long as Route 66, we will never be able to get everything checked off.


When you look at what you need to accomplish in a day, start with three things that are the “Most important” I’m talking outside of your job and daily routine. For example, you can’t say “Shower, get dressed, coffee” I mean three things on your “To Do” list. Then just concentrate on those for the day.

I sat down and watched a TV show with my family last night. I spent hours on the computer beforehand getting work done and could have continued doing more. But I needed that down time to reset my brain. Just vegging out to a show while snuggling was what I needed emotionally to be able to get back to work today and do my best.

Stop trying to juggle more than you can handle. You will wind up burning yourself out if you don’t take the time to relax too.

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