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Week Three ‘Chelley Shift

I did it!!!!!

I completed all 21 days and my ‘Chelley Shift is complete!


It definitely wasn’t always easy. There were times where I wanted to give in and skip a work out or eat something I shouldn’t. But I always reminded myself of my goal and it kept me on track.


When I started this journey, Dave and I had already bought VIP tickets to a concert which wound up being on Day 15. We had gotten a hotel room and were excited to be getting a night alone. The VIP tickets gave us awesome seats. They were at tables in a covered tent and included food, an open bar, and private bathrooms. SO worth the extra money.

I told myself that if I followed the meal plan with no cheats for the first 14 days, I could enjoy some tasty beverages on Day 15.

I was very happily surprised that they had food that fit into my plan. I enjoyed salad, portobello mushrooms, green beans and amazing steak! I had packed all of my food for the overnight so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy crap food at the concert or hotel. So the good food at the show was a bonus!

The next morning I knew I wasn’t going to be in the mood to work out. Between the late night, the tasty beverages and the hour plus ride home; it was going to be the furthest thing from my “Want to do” list.

Which is why I planned ahead and got dressed in my work out clothes when I woke up the next day. Funny thing about me, if I’m in the clothes I feel more obligated to work out.

I stayed on track and did every work out. Other than my pre-planned beverages I stayed on the meal plan 100% I was pretty proud of myself.

The work outs had been bumped up to 45 minutes long and there were no starchy carbs at all in week three. I was definitely more tired and had a harder time making myself work out. But after every work out I felt amazing!!!!!

I was really excited to find out what my results were after completing a round of the program. The first thing I did was try on a skirt that I couldn’t get into on day one. It was a skirt that I’ve had for years and wear every summer. It made my heart sink when I tried to put it on a couple days before I started my shift and it wouldn’t go up past the bottom of my thighs.

That was so humbling. It’s part of the reason why I knew I had to do this and not half ass it, but really follow the meal plan and the work outs.

I was a little scared to try it on, but I knew it would be a good test to see how far I’d come. It went right on and zipped up with no problem! I was so excited!!!


But I still had to do the true test: Get on the scale and use the measuring tape.

I had started this journey 3 weeks prior with a goal to lose 15 pounds. In the first two weeks I had lost 11 so it made me believe that my gal was possible. But there is always that little twinge of doubt in the back of my head that I may have missed the mark.

I did my measurements first and let out a sigh of relief. I had lost a few more inches. Then I went down to the basement and got on the scale. The moment of truth had arrived.

In Week Three of my ‘Chelley Shift I had lost another 5 pounds and just under 4 inches for a 21 Day Total of:

16 pounds and 17 inches!!!!!!

I reached my goal plus one!


This program works!!!!!!

I would love to answer any questions you have about it. Just click on “Contact me” and send me a message.

I am continuing with the work outs starting with Week Four which is 50 minute Super Work Outs. They use a sandbag so that will be different! I’m excited to see how I can keep going on my journey and continue to get healthier and more fit.


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