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Things That Are Meant To Be Aren’t Always Easy……

From the time I was little, I always knew I wanted to be a mom when I grew up. My other career interests always fluctuated, but being a mom was a constant.  My mom was a stay at home mom and did an awesome job! She was very creative and involved. I knew that was the type of mom I wanted to be.

My dream became a reality when my son was born in 2003. I was so excited!!!!!


When my daughter was born in 2005, I was thrilled!!!!

My third child came into my life in 2008. He was 6 at the time, and even though he was never in my belly, I love him as much as if he had been!!!!!

Those baby years and toddler years can be insane! Mine were 22 months apart so they kept me on my toes for sure. I spent most of my hours in a zombie-like state. My daughter was up all night and my son was up all day so I barely got sleep. Housework fell by the wayside. If I had to pick between using my energy to care for my kids or run the vacuum, the kids were  going to win every time!

I spent a lot of time with them reading, teaching them numbers and colors, and of course: coloring, painting and playing! You have to play!

In 2008 when my life changed and I happily took on the responsibility of joint raising another child in addition to the two I had, the dynamic was a little different. Two in elementary school and one in preschool. There were cupcakes for birthday and holiday parties. Teacher gifts, bus driver gifts, teacher appreciation week and class arts and crafts.

Then my oldest went to Middle School. His era of those things was over, but I still had two in Elementary School. I was room mom for each of them, went on just about every field trip, volunteered for school dances and class projects…..

Two years ago my younger son started Middle School so my daughter was the last of my kids in Elementary School. I’ve made sure to send in things for parties and volunteer for as many things as I could because I knew this day was coming. (Two of my nephews are in this picture as well)

As of June 19th, I no longer have any kids in Elementary school. I will have two high schoolers and one in Middle School this coming year. The era of cupcakes and crafts has come to a close. No more chaperoning trips or being a room mom.

I know that’s what it’s all about. I know they can’t stay babies forever and that our job as parents is to prepare them for real life. These are all steps in the process.

But as much as things are progressing the way they need to……

It sucks!

Kind of.

When you have a baby everyone tells you to cherish every moment because it goes by in a blink. You think you know….but you really don’t know. It goes by soooo fast!

I was the “Mamarazzi” through the years. The pictures have slowed down as they get bigger and “Too cool” for me to be snapping pics of them all the time. But I try and capture the memories we’re making. I cherish all of the pictures that I have taken from when they were babies on up.

I am so proud of my kids. (and my nephews too!) They are all good humans and work hard in school, get good grades, and most importantly are kind.

As we move on through this new chapter, I am excited to see where they go, what they decide to do with their lives, and I remind them often that I am there for them always. I love the young adults they are becoming, but there is a place in my heart where they will always be my babies.

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