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When You’re in the Bedroom and The Feeling Just Hits You….

This morning I was looking around my bedroom and couldn’t help myself……

I had an overwhelming urge to clean and purge!

I had already made an appointment for a Pick Up from Purple Heart for tomorrow. We donate our used clothing to Purple Heart several times a year. Mostly because it’s a wonderful cause that Dave’s late wife loved to donate to but also because they come to the house and pick the stuff up. I am much more likely to get the goods to the cause if I don’t have to drive anywhere to do that.

Today I was inspired to go through my shoes as well. I love shoes and, even though I don’t buy an abundance of them at one time, I tend to not get rid of them. The bottom of my closet was filled with shoes. Most of which I haven’t worn in a couple years.

I went through and picked several pairs of shoes to donate as well.

I guess I should explain why this is so monumental, when to a lot of people getting rid of stuff is no big deal.

My dad is a minister. Growing up we moved a lot as he got appointed to different churches. One thing that my mom did to make sure we had great memories was have different traditions that we could do no matter where we lived. Different decorations and foods that we looked forward to every year.

That did, however, result in my placing a lot of emotional attachment to the things I had growing up. And would cause me to place a lot of emotional attachment to things I got over the years. Add to it that I come from a long line of people who have slight to medium hoarding tendencies (Not anywhere near what is on the TV show!!!) and it isn’t always easy for me to get rid of things. I always think that I’ll use it, someone else in the house will use it, we can sell it, etc etc etc

So when the urge to purge hits I have to run with it! If I haven’t worn or used something
in the last year, it’s time for it to go. This time around I got rid of 3 fancy dresses that I was saving because I may wear them some day. One was from the 90’s! Goodbye!!!!!

It started with the closet and ended with the bureau. The rest of the room looked great so I couldn’t leave my bureau covered in tons of stuff from Body Spray to papers to hair ties….I even took the DVD player off of the bureau. We haven’t watched a DVD in the bedroom in years.

It feels SO GREAT to have emptied that space. To get rid of the things that no longer serve me and not hold on to clutter for emotional reasons that are not based in reality. I have raised my kids to believe that we keep memories in our hearts and our minds and not in things. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep anything from special occasions, but it does mean we don’t have to keep everything.

Go through your things and see if there is anything that may serve someone else better than you. Making more room in your space can make you feel more free and more able to take on your days.

Will the bureau wind up covered again? Of course! But I will once again clear it off and get to feeling the awesome way I do now once again.


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