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Core De Force – Week Three

  I can’t believe I’m almost done this program already!!!! img_9509

It seems like I just started Core De Force, and now my 30 days of Round One are almost through. This past week was double work outs everyday. I’m not going to lie, some of those days were super tough! But I made a commitment and I stuck with it. By the grace of God (And my Energize ) I made it through every one of those doubles! I had a real sense of pride for not giving in to the little evil voice that tried to tell me I could get away with just doing one of the work outs. Who would know? The answer is that I would and I am determined to see this through.

I am really feeling stronger in my core. I have been able to do the moves a lot easier as the weeks go by. I can do the 60 second burn out plank at the end of the Core Kinetics work out on my toes, no problem. It wasn’t like that the first time I did that work out for sure!


I have continued to keep to the nutrition plan for the most part. I never miss my Shakeology and have that for breakfast every day. I had a couple days where I slipped up, not because I ate unhealthy food, but because I got busy and didn’t eat enough. That is just as bad because if you don’t get enough food often enough your body starts to store fat because it thinks it’s starving.  I am determined to get back to getting all of my containers in every day.


As for my results this week: I am down another pound and lost an inch and a half in my waist.

This program goes by so quickly! I am still enjoying the work outs and have not gotten bored. They do a great job of mixing them up to keep you interested.

I’ll be reporting my final results from Round One real soon!

I am starting Round Two on December 12th and would love to have you join me in a private group where you can also do the Core De Force program, enjoy the benefits of Shakeology, have support and accountability, and take steps toward a healthier you! Let me know if you want more info or to join the group 🙂


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