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I Don’t Have Time For That!

How many times do you say that when considering doing something with friends? Family? For yourself?


Do you find those words flying out of your mouth as a reaction now when anyone asks you to do something out of your comfort zone or that isn’t “in the plan”?


When people ask “How have you been?” How many times do you answer, “Busy, but good!” When did “Busy” become our go to answer? I wonder if we subconsciously think that busy equals successful? Or maybe we want busy to mean important? Just thinking while I’m typing.  We all have the same 24 hours every day. Why is it that some people can accomplish so much while others barely get anything done?


One thing that I have learned as I get older is that in a lot of cases when we say “I don’t have the time.” what we really mean is “I don’t want to make the time.” Case and point: I had the idea to write this blog post WEEKS ago and am just now making the time to do it. Have I been busy? Of course, I have three kids and run a business from home. But there were certainly moments where I could have made the time to type out my thoughts.


Trying to make time to juggle everything is definitely something that I am working on every day.  One thing I read that I am putting into practice is, instead of saying “I don’t have the time.” say “That is not a priority for me.” or “I don’t think that is important” It changes your perspective a little bit.


Whether you have been wanting to take a class, learn a new skill, get in shape, or any other activity you say you will get done when you’re not so busy…you will be able to gauge how interested you are about doing that, how much it really means to you, if you start saying “It’s not a priority.” instead of “I don’t have the time.” If it is really important to you, you will be able to make the time.

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