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By the time you read this…..I’ll be 41.

Written on St. Patrick’s Day:

I only have less than an hour left until it’s my birthday. (SQUEEE!!) I was thinking about the past year and how much has changed. What I’ve learned, and how far I still have to go.

40 has been great. I know some people stress about turning 40, but it was never an issue for me. I guess it’s partly because I have, sadly, known several people who didn’t get the opportunity to decide if 40 was scary or exciting. They didn’t make it this far. To me it seems disrespectful to dread a gift my friends didn’t get to receive.

Instead, I welcomed 40 with open arms. (And a kick ass party! Thank you again to Dave for organizing it and to everyone who came to celebrate with me. Even the party crashers because they gave us a great story LOL)


In the past year I did not reach my 40 new things goal. I may have, but as far as keeping track I didn’t remember to document everything so I’m counting it as a goal not met. That being said, I did do a bunch of cool stuff I had never done before like horseback riding and kickboxing. (Still want you guys to join me btw. It’s fun! Promise!) I tried new foods like dragon fruit and rambutans. I followed my doctor’s orders for new things: got my mammies grammed and FINALLY got my “Normal Pain” cured through acupuncture. That was a WONDERFUL gift this past year after being in constant pain for 6 years!

2016-02-23 19.53.45-1

I have enjoyed watching my kids grow over the last year. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten! They are my pride and joy and even on the days where they get tudey and I want to scream, I love them more than they could ever imagine. I am so proud of all three of them and am truly blessed to have such amazing children.

2015-07-20 18.20.04

I continue to fall in love with Dave more and more every day. ­čÖé┬áHe is the best! That’s all I’ll say because he hates when I talk about him on social media. But I can’t help it, he’s amazing! I am truly a lucky chick!

July (32)

I doubled my Beachbody business from the year before and continue to absolutely LOVE being a coach and helping others. I stayed on track the entire year with working out and drinking my ShakeO. Oh! Another new thing in my 40th year: a weight lifting program. I love it! I never would have thought I would do Body Beast but it’s so fun!

One thing I believe I have gotten better at during my time as a 40 year old is focusing on the positives. Believe me, there have been times in the last year where I have been anything but positive. There have been people who have truly pissed me off. I have been disappointed, let down, even devastated at times. I just don’t allow myself to live there. I get angry, I vent to either Dave or a select group of friends, or write, or throw something LOL but then I remember everything in my life that I have to be grateful about. I focus on that instead. If you let the person who pissed you off get into your head and control your thoughts….they win. I’m a sore loser ­čÖé

I only hope that 41 proves to be an even more incredible year. That I continue to grow as a person, to get better, to learn and experience new things. I want to be a great example to my kids. I want to continue to nurture the awesome relationship I have with Dave. I want to grow as a coach, to help even more people on their paths and share in their victories, both in health and as business builders. I am really excited to see what the next year has in store for me!!!!

No matter what, please know how grateful I am for all of you! Thank you for being a part of my life. Whether it’s in person or online. You guys rock!

2016-03-10 09.35.14

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