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I Like My Sugar With Coffee and Cream

If you like to get some specialty drinks from Starbucks, that line from the Beastie Boys song “Intergalactic” may apply to you!

I found out today from reading an article on that according to the British campaign group Action on Sugar, some Starbucks drinks can contain 25 grams of sugar.

Let me say that again……..25 grams of sugar!


According to the article:

“That’s three times the amount of sugar in one can of coke, and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association.
The report said that 98% of hot flavored drinks sold at major coffee chains in the U.K. have excessive levels of sugars per serving, with 35% containing nine or more teaspoons of sugar — the same amount as a can of Coca Cola.
The research focused on drinks sold in the U.K., but nutritional information published on the companies’ website show that sugar levels are similar in the U.S. and elsewhere.”


Here is the video from



Starbucks’ competitors seem to be in the same boat. A medium Dunkin’ Donuts vanilla chai has over 11 teaspoons of sugar, while a hot macchiato includes 7 teaspoons. KFC’s mocha contains 15 teaspoons of sugar. A large mocha atMcDonald’s has 11 teaspoons.

DDChai mccafe


We’ve become so used to having our morning treats and afternoon pick me ups that we’ve lost sight of how unhealthy they really are for us. But there is a way to enjoy that coffee flavor and actually get some health benefits!


Click here to learn about how you can enjoy your coffee flavored treat, and get in your daily dose of dense nutrition at the same time.

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Rock your world!

****Source info:  Flavored drinks served the likes of Starbucks (SBUX) can contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving. (n.d.). Your Starbucks drink may have 25 spoons of sugar in it. Retrieved February 17, 2016, from




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