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Light Bulb Moment!

I have almost always dyed my own hair. When I was a teenager I started with Kool Aid, then graduated to Manic Panic. My hair has been just abut every color possible over the years. Sometimes solids, sometimes stripes….never was able to pull off plaid….

Anyway, I am too financially conscious (read cheap) to go to the salon and pay someone to dye my hair with very few exceptions. I learned in my college years about the value of not dyeing too often after all of my hair broke off and I had to rock a pixie cut. I have changed over the years from dyeing my hair pretty rainbow colors (Not saying I would’t again. The blue incident a few years ago has me still a little gun shy) to now just dyeing the granny hairs that are growing in right over the center of my forehead.

Even after years of experience, I am still learning the finer points of home hair dyeing. I want to pass along this tip in case some of you are in the same position.


I spent years trying to very carefully keep the dye from dripping past my hairline and onto my forehead. It’s virtually impossible, for me at least. I would have to sit there with a washcloth or paper towel just waiting to wipe off the drips before it would dye my skin.


I didn’t always catch it in time and would have to walk around with a spot or line stained on my face until it faded. I was told before to get it off with more hair dye….that dye takes off dye. In my case dye on dye makes a bigger spot.


One day while I was getting ready to dye my hair I had a light bulb moment. Now what I do is before I start putting dye in my hair, I pull my hair back and put some Vaseline on a Q-Tip. I make a 1-1 1/2 inch barrier of Vaseline on my forehead, sides of my face, ears etc right under my hairline. Any dye that drips can’t get into my skin to dye it. I just wash the Vaseline off when I’m in the shower washing out the dye. Easy Peasy.

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