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What to Wear – Exercise for Beginners

So you committed to a goal to get more fit, adhere to a healthier lifestyle, eat better, and workout more.

Now what? Well, for starters, whether you do a workout at home or go to the gym, if you are a novice at working out, it is important to dress appropriately.

The Right Fit

Comfort is the goal. Wear clothes that are not only comfortable and fit your body but also fit the type of workout activity you will be doing. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting something trendy over comfort or you will soon find you are skipping your workouts all together because you are self-conscious or the workout clothes don’t fit right.


Breathable Material

The clothes you wear to workout can have a direct impact on the way you feel once your workout is complete. Wearing clothes made out of breathable material will help to keep the sweat away from your skin, keeping your body cool.

Breathable Material

Good Shoes

Finding the right shoe is key for helping you reach your fitness goals and help you avoid injury. You may consider going to an Athletic store where they will measure your feet for correct sizing, this is key in preventing injuries. Don’t forget to wear socks!


Try to find the right headphones to wear so that you can make working out fun. The right playlist can really get you through a tough workout or motivate you on days when you may be dragging. You have to find earphones that do not hinder or slow down your workout.


If you have prior injuries try to find the right tools to allow you to exercise freely. Sometimes finding the right knee brace is all you need to get to putting cardio in your workout. If you prefer to run outside, remember to wear light colored, reflective clothing. Weightlifting gloves can prevent injuries such as blisters or cuts to the skin that may lead to a lack of motivation to lift.

Ultimately, the type of clothes you wear when working out will depend heavily on what type of exercise you are doing, whether you are exercising indoors or outdoors, what looks and feels good, and your budget.

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