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Diet or Exercise, Which is More Beneficial to You?

Everyone has different goals when it comes to getting fit and becoming the best version of ourselves. We each want something specific to our personal needs and there are many different ways to achieve what we are looking for. For some of us, focusing on a strict diet will yield us the results we seek while some will receive more benefits from hitting the gym or following along with our favorite workout video.



For most individuals, some sort of weight loss or transformation is at the center of their goals. While a change in your exercise routine is beneficial, it means nothing without the proper diet. The key to shedding pounds is to burn more calories than you consume. A good, balanced diet with a focus around fruits and vegetables is the key to taking in good calories and fighting the urge to over eat. Fruits and veggies will give you the feeling of fullness but also provide you with a life-long benefit from the nutrients you are taking in. So if you are looking to fit into some clothes you haven’t been able to in a while, drop some unwanted pounds, or just make your life healthier in general, making adjustments to your diet should be your main focus.



If you are looking to transform your body from a strength standpoint, exercise is a must. Diet alone will not give you the strong, tone body you are looking for. You have to work out and build your muscle mass and strengthen the muscle groups you wish. For those of us wanting to become a beast with your workout routine, it will only come from hard work and powering through tough exercise. Muscles have to be gradually built and added to through the process of creating small tears in the muscle fibers. Muscles are then stretched and repaired in order to be prepared to be stretched again.

While both diet and exercise can provide tons of value on their own, the best thing for a healthy lifestyle change is to combine the two. The 21 Day Fix Program not only provides you with color coded containers to teach you portion control, but it also comes equipped with six easy-to-follow workouts on two DVDs containing one 30-minute workout a day as well. You can also choose to add Shakeology either as a kick start to your daily routine or as a post-workout recovery drink. When a great workout regimen is mixed with a strong diet that provides the body with proper nutrition, you can achieve results that you could only dream of. It is a tough journey but putting in the time, sweat, and commitment will put you on track to becoming the best you!


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