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My Experience With 3 Day Refresh

This past summer I bought the 3 Day Refresh Kit. I wasn’t sure when I was going to do it. I just knew that I wanted to give it a try. I’ve never really done a cleanse before, other than the night before my colonoscopy, so I thought a non-medically necessary, non-git er done in one night cleanse would be a good idea.

One thing about me is, I love cheese. I don’t eat sweets at all, I don’t usually have sweet cravings…but I love cheese and want it daily. Because of this, my abs that I work so hard to get can get hidden under a layer of cheese induced belly fat if I’m not careful.

Somehow I blinked and it was Fall. I suddenly knew the best time to do the 3 Day Refresh. Right after Thanksgiving.

I like to start things on Monday so I went to the store Sunday and stocked up on everything I would need for the 3 days. My list consisted of fruits, vegetables, hummus, gallons of filtered water, decaf green tea and Organic Vegetable Broth.



Monday morning I was all set. I drank my water and went downstairs to weigh myself. I don’t speak to my scale and keep it in the basement which is why it’s so dirty. It lives under a shelf where I can’t see it. It is responsible for days I have been in a great mood until I saw the number on the display, then my mood plummeted and I felt horrible. I decided that I didn’t need to put myself through that and the scale has been exiled to the basement ever since, only to be stepped on during situations like this. I refuse to buy a new one. The ickier it is, the less I’ll be tempted to step on it and risk ruining a good mood.

Day One I weighed in and was bummed….this is my usual reaction even though I logically know that the number does not reflect my worth, my intelligence, my ability to love and be loved….


I pressed on and followed the instructions for how to make the shakes and food for the day. I already drink Shakeology every day because of all of the nutrition and health benefits. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it now. That being said, I usually make it with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, a banana, and a teaspoon of Natural Peanut Butter. I wasn’t sure what to expect with water and a banana. I was happily surprised! I may make my shakes that way a few days a week from now on.

I chose to have the same thing for lunch every day: baby carrots, hummus and pineapple in addition to the Vanilla Fresh shake. I did that mostly because I didn’t want to buy a bunch of different things and decided to keep it simple. There are several options available so you can have a variety of lunches if you wish.

2015-12-02 13.37.20

The snacks every day were a Vegetable and a Healthy fat. The first day I had spinach and avocado. Yeah, that’s weird but it tasted good. The second day I had cucumber slices and avocado and the third I had summer squash cooked in coconut oil. There are a variety of “Guilt Free Seasonings” to choose from. You can use them to season your food. The second and third days I put cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg in my Vanilla Fresh shakes. It was delicious!

There are also several Dinner Recipes. I chose to have Veggie Stir Fry the first night, Asparagus with Almonds the second and Spinach Salad the third. Each dinner included a Vanilla Fresh shake and a cup of Organic Veggie Broth. The broth is optional but I had it all three nights.  The second and third nights I added some fresh basil. Any fresh herb would be acceptable.  The second night I forgot I wanted to take a picture until after I had eaten dinner. Please enjoy the picture of me drinking green tea instead.


Day One was mostly a learning experience. I wasn’t sure how the Fiber Sweep or Vanilla Fresh would taste, (The Fiber Sweep tastes like lemon water, not bad) and I wasn’t sure how I would feel…but by Day Two I felt like I had it down. And the number on the scale had it down too. By a pound. (Excuse the mirror from my daughter’s Barbie car. I just now realized it was in the picture.)

2015-12-01 07.54.01


Day Three came and I was having trouble getting out of bed. I was really exhausted. I managed to get through the “Off to school” routine and decided to go back to bed for a half hour. I woke up and hour and a half later!

That being said, I did continue to work out during the 3 Day Refresh which you are technically not supposed to do. This could be self inflicted exhaustion. Whether it was because of the Refresh or because of my overdoing it, the dog enjoyed it either way.

2015-12-02 08.17.27

I made it through all three days. I did not cheat at all. TMI ALERT!!!!!!!!! I was happily surprised that my bathroom routine has stayed about the same. I had a couple “Blame it on the dog” moments but nothing a scented candle didn’t eliminate. And honestly, eating really well felt good. I’ve even continued drinking the Decaf Green Tea which I never would have foreseen.

But I know everyone is interested in the final results so here they are:

2015-12-03 06.22.04

I lost four and a half pounds in three days. I went down two inches on my stomach. That rocks!

I would definitely do the 3 Day Refresh again. My advice is:

  1. Plan ahead: Have all of the food you need available when you need it so you will be less likely to stray from the eating plan.
  2. Don’t exercise during the 3 days. I really believe that my decision to do the 21 Day Fix during the three days made me more tired. I wasn’t tired often but when I was, I was wiped. My body was telling me to slow down.
  3. Do The Refresh When You Can Be Home  I didn’t personally have nay issues with needed a restroom quickly or for long periods of time. But I also eat healthy most of the time so there may not have been as much to “clean out” as it were. Better safe than embarrassed.
  4. If You Have Any Questions Shoot me a message. I am more than happy to share my experience.


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