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Time For a Restart (Originally published 6/23/15)

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to stay on track, we wind up falling off the wagon. Sometimes it’s just a little slip and we can get right back on. Sometimes it’s a fall off, hit your head, roll down the road a mile and have to fight your way back to hop back on. Either way, the important part is that we get back on and not use it as an excuse to throw all of our hard work away.

I have been doing Insanity for 51 days. I have been jumping, kicking, pushing up, squatting down and sweating to death! Yet I still managed to gain three inches around my waist. How? You ask. Because while I’ve been getting a butt whooping from Shaun T, I’ve also been stuffing my face with nachos, french fries, bacon, cheese, cheese and more cheese! I love cheese!!!!!!

But I have reached the point where it’s time for a restart with my nutrition. I decided to use the Portion Fix system along with doing Insanity. I’m on Day 2 and so far, I’ve been doing great. My body needs this to function properly and I do feel better already. I made a video yesterday about the point I’ve reached. You can check it out here:



If you’ve hit a point where you need to restart, go for it! There is no shame in restarting something, just don’t quit! You can do it. Think about your goals, think about how amazing you will feel when you reach them, then just get going and get back on track! Get back on that wagon before it runs you over. You got this! If you need help, I’m here! Just send me a message and we can chat.

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