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I am so fat! I am so ugly! I am so worthless!

Those were the phrases that came out of my mouth almost constantly for years. Even now that I know it’s not true, there are days where the evil little voice in my head still likes to try and convince me that they are.

Why is that? Why is it so easy for us to see bad in ourselves and not see good? I went against my own rule today and stepped on the scale. I know better. I know the scale is nothing but a tool that causes me depression. Why do I do that to myself? Curiosity killed the good mood.

I was listening to motivational speaker, Jen Sincero, yesterday and she made the point that it takes the same amount of energy to say bad things about ourselves as it does to say good. So why would we even want to say “I’m awful, no one likes me, why would they?” when we can say “I am a rock star! I have so much to offer people and I’m so grateful!”

Today, I’m going to try and have nothing but positive things to say about myself. If a negative thought tries to sneak in, I’m going to shoo it away. No thinking about the scale, or caring if I have a pimple, or having a pity party because of my sore tendon. Instead I am going to be grateful that I have a wonderful house that I share with my awesome family, we have food to eat and love to give. That’s the important stuff.

When the evil little voice tries to sneak in and suck your good mood out of your day, tell it to beat it. Overcome it with good thoughts. Even if they seem insignificant. Seeing the good in every situation makes it easier to stay positive. When you do that, the evil voice will have no power over you.

That’s my plan. I’m going to go after today with gratitude. I hope you do too!


-First Published – June 4, 2015

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