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Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

Summer bodies are made in the Winter!

I remind myself of this all the time, but it’s so easy to not even see our bodies when they are covered in layer upon layer of clothing. At least that’s true for me. I live in Pennsylvania. While my area has been spared the feet of snow my friends n Boston have been dealing with, it is still stupid cold outside!

Cold or not, I still shower daily and that glimpse in the mirror on the way to the shower is called motivation!

When it’s cold out I want to dive into comfort food. Nothing like casseroles and mac n cheese to warm up my belly. The problem is, the warmer it gets,the bigger it gets!

Now is the time to get it together. We’ve been through the major food holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) We’re now a week past half price Valentine’s Day chocolate Day… if we get on the wagon now, we should be able to tell those chocolate Easter bunnies to go hop somewhere else.

Everything in moderation is key. You shouldn’t completely deprive yourself of something or you will wind up having a bad day and binging on it. instead, designate a “Cheat day” every week. Sunday seems to be a good one because while you’re at work turning down the office donuts or your co-worker’s birthday cake you can remind yourself that Sunday’s coming. Of course, you don’t want to eat an entire sheet cake or eat an entire lasagna because odds are, you’ll just get sick. But having that one day to look forward to will make it easier to turn down the bad choices the other six days.

I love drinking Shakeology because it tastes like a treat, but is healthy. You’ll find that the more you make healthy food choices, the less you’ll crave the unhealthy ones.
If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Just like you wouldn’t slash your other three tires if one got flat, you shouldn’t throw away all of your hard work for one slip up. Instead, don’t look back, just move forward and make better choices in the future.


-Originally published February 23, 2015

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