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Getting To Know…Me!

My name is ‘Chelley Kraft and I am a busy mom of three from Pennsylvania.
  From the time I was little I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom when I grew up. I have been fortunate enough to achieve that goal.
  I wound up falling into the trap a lot of moms do when they are caring for small kids. One goldfish cracker went on the high chair tray, and a handful of them went in my mouth. Repeat.
  Every night when the kids would go to bed I would plop down on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch TV.
  I’ve always believed, and still do, that since it takes 9 months to gain baby weight, it isn’t going to come off overnight. However, two years after my youngest had “vacated the premises” I weighed as much as I did when she was living in my belly. On top of that, I was convinced I had a psychotic gnome stalking me. Turns out that was just my butt.
   I was always tired. While part of it was because I was taking care of my small kids all day, most of it was because I wasn’t giving my body the proper fuel and maintenance to handle the job properly.
  In 2007 I decided to cut sugar out of my diet in the form of sweets, adding sugar to anything (coffee, cereal, etc) sweetened flavored coffee creamer, regular soda, etc. That small change made a difference. But I had to start exercising too.
  I had a set of  Power 90 work out DVDs that had been hanging out on my shelf since 2004. I started off with that. At first, I couldn’t make it past the warm up without having to pause the DVD to catch my breath. But I kept at it.
  Every time I reached a new milestone it felt so great! The first time I completed the whole work out without having to pause it  felt like a superhero!
  The weight started to come off but I got lazy. I started smoking cigarettes and not eating to maintain the weight loss. Sure, I was skinny. But I had no energy and I felt like crap.
  Fast forward to 2013. I had now been through a divorce and was in a new relationship. I was still smoking and had had enough. I decided once again to change my bad habits. Not only so I  would feel better, but also so I could set a healthy example for my children.
  I dusted off Power 90 again, but I no longer had the information that came with it. I wasn’t sure when to make the switch from the first disk to the next. I had recently become friends with a woman who was a Beachbody coach. I contacted her to see if she could find out the information for me.
  Not only did she get me the information, but she provided me with something even more valuable: she provided me with the piece of the puzzle that up until then had been missing from my history of working out. She became my coach!
  With her encouragement, I stayed with my work outs. She had a private Facebook group where we all post our progress. Having a place to share my experiences and receive encouragement really kept me going. On the days I wasn’t in the mood to work out, or felt like I was ready to quit, the other people would cheer me on and lift me up and I would push through.
   I quit smoking in March 2013, and went on to complete several work out programs. I’m still going and feel strong and healthy! I explained that I couldn’t because: I was too busy with my kids, I don’t know how to coach, I hadn’t reached all of my goals yet, etc. She asked me if I had been sharing my experiences with my friends and family. I had. She asked if I really believed in the programs. I do. Then she said “Then you’ve already been coaching, you just haven’t been getting paid for it.”
  I thought abut that for awhile and decided I would give it a try. If I didn’t like it I could always quit, right?
  Turns out, I absolutely love coaching!!!  I love getting healthy alongside the people that I’m coaching and that we are all in this together.
If you would like to get healthy and need a coach, or if you would like to know more about coaching, contact me and we can chat.

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