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Organized On The Road

All year round it seems that the demand increases for kids to be dropped off here and picked up there. Some days you are doing the shuffle from one event to the other with no trips home. This means it would be helpful if you are prepared and have items stashed in the vehicle just in case.

Clear pouches can be purchased and utilized within the car. Fill these handy packages with much-needed items that you will be requested to find at some point in your travels. Consider organizing a series of pouches with different themes.

First Aid Kit

“I have a boo-boo” or “my stomach feels funny” are not uncommon phrases. Load up a bag of miscellaneous first aid items in case you don’t have a store-bought one. Making your own helps you add some extra things. In addition to having the traditional bandages, wipes, and medication, you can include tweezers for splinters or ticks. Also consider items like lip balm, sunscreen, antibacterial lotion, and bug spray.

Technology Help

This is a must with the techy kids and long rides. Have a bag that has a collection of low-cost chargers, earbuds, batteries, a universal USB charger plug (or 2), and any other specific chargers that their products need. An example would be iPad or iPhone cords. Use these only in the car when needed, so they are not lost from the collection.

Homework Zone Pack

Having  a few items in the car that can be helpful for school work makes getting that done easier.  Load a packet up of index cards, highlighters, pencils, crayons, pens, a calculator, post-it notes, paper clips, rubber bands, scratch paper, scissors, tape, glue stick, and a small ruler. If your age range is older, then a compass and protractor may be needed also.

“Boredom Buster for Younger Kids” or “I am Starving Packs” are other possible collections of items. As long as you are going, why not load up the vehicle with other kids ? Might as well trade off the driving duties with other parents. Use your imagination and be prepared for the carpool questions and the needs of the kids!

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