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A Week Of Hard Labor

That doesn’t sound fun, right?

As titles go… was kind of a little intimidating. But because I have done the Beast Body program by Sagi Kalev before, and I have worked out with him live a couple times….

I was EXCITED!!!!!


A Week of Hard Labor is a 5 Day weight program that is on Beachbody On Demand so if you have a subscription to BOD you already have it! If not, click here: BOD

I started the week Monday with “Chest and Back” I was PSYCHED!!!!!

I used heavier weights than I would typically use because I really wanted to push myself. 5 days isn’t a lot so go hard or go home!

OK I’m doing this at home but you know what I mean LOL


Day Two was Leg Day.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Leg Day is so hard for me.  I know it’s hard for a lot of people but I have a built in fear of lunges.

That being said….as far as Leg Days go this one was great! I was still really sore in my upper body from Day One so it was great planning to have Leg Day as Day Two.


I was excited that the day after Leg Day (which always hits you harder than Leg Day itself) was Core. Sagi had a lot of stretching in the warm up that felt WONDERFUL!!!!

My abs are always in need of some work and I loved this Core work out!

Lexi was so excited that she decided to work her core too. Silly pooch!



By Day 4 I was ready for my dumbbells again.

I was happy to see “Shoulders and Arms” on the calendar.

I had to use lighter weights because I have a compressed disc in my neck that gets pissy if I lift heavy weights over my head. There is NO SHAME in using light weights!

In the past, before I was aware that was what was going on, I lifted heavy over my head and my left arm went numb. The pissy disc pinched a nerve and boom, numb arm. Which is bad when you’re holding heavy weights over your head.

I had gone to a couple different doctors to see what could be done because dragging around a noodle arm is no fun at all.

I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve and a compressed disc and went to my consultation for physical therapy. I made an appointment for two weeks later (Dave and I were going to Disney the next week. With NO KIDS!) and left the office.

While we were in Walt Disney World we went on one of our favorite rides: The “Rock n Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith” We got off the ride and I was completely amazed to discover that my arm was fine! I must have knocked my neck around in the right way to unpinch the nerve.

Since we won’t be able to go back to Disney any time soon…..I’m lifting light weights over my head just to be safe!

It was crazy how quickly it seemed to be day five, and the last day of my Week of Hard Labor. Nothing like sending us out with a bang! It was TOTAL BODY.

I was expecting total insanity. I grabbed my weights and got ready.

But what I wasn’t expecting was a slow paced, up and down the ladder type work out.  We started doing one rep of each move, then two, three and so on up to eight. Then repeated the process starting with eight reps, then seven, six and on down to one.

It surprised me how tiring that was!

I enjoyed it aside from when I was doing a decline push up and my foot slipped off of the end of my bench. The feeling of my ankle hitting the metal part of the foot rest felt very ungood. Safety first! I will never forget that and will always check to see that my feet are planted firmly on the bench from now on.

I felt SO STRONG at the end of the five days. I hadn’t played with my weights in a long time and it felt great to get back to them. It always cracks me up how hungry I am when I do weight work outs. I ate mostly healthy food during the five days. Just a lot of it!

I will definitely be adding this week of work outs back into my repertoire down the road. I committed to 12 weeks of  Shift Shop first.

Message me if you have any questions about this work out. I am happy to answer your questions.

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