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Strength and Core Together! It’s Day Four #ChelleyShift

Double work out today.


I felt like doing anything but working out this morning. Hit snooze over and over, procrastinated……

Then I did it.

Shift Shop Strength 25 and Core done and done.

I still feel it in my abs. Good stuff 

I have still been following the meal plan 100%

This morning I made a cherry, banana and yogurt parfait with almonds. Super yummy!

I even stayed on track at the movie theater, surrounded by the smell of popcorn and snacks. I only had a bottle of water. NSV!!!!

Today was my make or break day. I’ve done 3 Day Refresh before so I knew I could get through 3 days of a plan. Day 4 is on track and the rest of my meals and snacks are already ready already LOL

I know I still have 17 days to go, but I know there are some people who strated with me on Monday who have already quit. Every day is a victory!


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