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Third Day in and Still Shifting!

Today is the last of the “Easy Days”

I’m only calling them that because I have done the 3 Day Refresh before so I have gone that long with no soda, alcohol, junk, etc. I know i can do it.

Tomorrow kicks into new territory.

I’m sure I can do it. It’s just the fear of the unknown.

That’s the hardest part about any journey. Not giving into self doubt or the evil little voice that tries to knock you down. It gets louder the closer to victory you get.

I swapped my breakfast and snack this morning. I had my shake right after my work out so I could have my veggie eggs when I went out for breakfast with my friends.

(Sad face because my BFF and her fam left to go back to New Zealand today)

It’s definitely possible to make a meal plan work, even when you’re eating at a restaurant!

The work out today was the same as Monday. I am definitely improving!

That feels GREAT!!!!!

Tomorrow will be a double work out day so I can’t wait to see how I do with that.


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