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A couple years ago, I was all about Cardio. I thought that was where it was at.

But then I was introduced to the world of weights and was like “Pshhh, what Cardio?”

Cardio came back today to hand my butt to me.

Today’s work out was Pure Cardio 2.0

I had to pause a couple times to catch my breath. It’s amazing how, 4 years after quitting smoking, sometimes I still feel like I can’t catch my breath when I push myself.


But the bottom line is, I did push myself. I may have paused, I may have cursed, I may have sounded like a dying moose at times but I did not quit and I am so proud of myself!!!

The thing about these work outs is, you get into a headspace where you may be tempted to stop, but Shaun T knows what’s up and addresses your mindset as well as the physical aspect of the work out.

If you are interested in doing this work out too, you can go here to sign up for Beachbody On Demand. Then shoot me a message and I’ll email you a free copy of the Shaun Month calendar.

Here are some highlights from Day Two:


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