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How Comfortable Are You?

As human beings, we all enjoy being comfortable. Whether it’s wearing our favorite fleece PJ pants, hanging out with people that we have known since childhood, or doing the same routine every day because we could do it with our eyes closed.

The problem is, the way to grow in our lives and become more than what we are requires becoming uncomfortable.

It’s easy to do the stuff we’re comfortable doing, or the things where we know we are guaranteed to succeed.  That takes little to no effort because we know we have it down. That is great! If all we want to do is survive.

However, if we are to THRIVE we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and become more than what we are. Talking to new people, learning new skills, taking time to really reflect on our lives and take inventory of our strengths and our weaknesses is a great way to see what areas we need to concentrate on.

I love the story that Rabbi Dr. Abraham tells about how lobsters can only grow and live by becoming uncomfortable first. You can check that story out here:


It’s important for us all to be willing to be uncomfortable and use it as a way to grow and improve on the areas where we could learn more, acquire new skills, or help others. You can even concentrate on those things while wearing your fleece PJ pants. No need to have uncomfortable pants, after all.

Be like a lobster! And THRIVE!!!!!

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