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Body Beast Week 5

Already???? How am I starting Week 5 already. That’s nuts!

But it’s true. Today is Day 30. I have really been enjoying this program so far. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is my first weight training program. I wanted to try it because I am happy with my weight, but I want to tone up my body.

Sagi Kalev is a lot of fun as a trainer. I noticed early on that the program is targeted more to men, which makes sense as far as the demographic that would stereotypically be more interested in “Beasting Up”. I have had several women who were not interested in weights because they are afraid they’ll “Bulk up” or “Look like a man”. I’m hoping to show women that it’s not the case.  I love when he says he has to clean up his work out area or his Mom is going to yell at him. The voice he uses makes me laugh.

Since I have hit the first milestone day of the 90 day work out, I took pictures and measurements to mark my progress. In the spirit of always being honest, I will admit I have not been following the meal plan provided with the program and I need to start doing that. I have not been eating “bad”, but I honestly don’t think I’m eating enough. I have been focusing on lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. I have no idea if I’m doing that in the right proportions though. I want to get more specifics from the guide and follow them.

Also, I tweaked my knee on February 20th. I went to my doctor on the 24th and he told me no Lower Body Work outs for two weeks. Boo. I have been a very good patient and have only been working Upper Body and Abs. Tomorrow is my last day before I can (carefully) start doing Lower Body exercises again.

30 Days ago I took these as my “Before” pictures on Day 1:













Today I took this picture. I can see some changes, but not as much as I would have liked to. That’s just me though, I do 20 sit ups and expect to have a 6 pack! In reality, I think I’m doing pretty well. I would probably see more changes, especially in my tush, if i had been able to do Lower Body work outs the last two weeks. Every step in the right direction counts!













I just realized I did different arms in the back view. Oops! You get the idea.

The most interesting thing to me is that my waist has lost inches, my biceps gained a half inch each and some of my other measurements have changed. (I refuse to step on the scale until day 90 because I don’t believe in scales. I only take my weight the first and last days for the Beachbody Challenge.) Even with all of the changes, my total inches are exactly the same! That’s pretty funny.

I am loving this program! I’m interested to see the differences in the next 30 days. I will hopefully not hurt myself again, and I will start following the meal plan.  If you want any info or have any questions, shoot me an email or message.


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