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Body Beast Week Three…With A Kick!

I am still going strong with my Body Beast Work Outs.  I have meant to post more about them but the days have been flying by!

I really love the work outs. I recently started choosing the “No Music” option and playing my iTunes on shuffle in the background instead. I never tried to do that before because the work outs I had been doing went along with the music that was playing in the background.  I have learned though that I should make a playlist specifically tailored to weightlifting. I was going strong yesterday and then got thrown off when Debbie Gibson “Foolish Beat” came on.

Today I tried one of the supplements in the Beachbody Performance Line. I made a video about it so you can check that out here:

If you want more information on Energize or any of the other supplements in the performance line, look under the “Nutrition” tab on my home page.

I am starting to get more definition, especially in my arms and shoulders. I am also noticing my tush is lifting a little. Good stuff!

The hardest part I’m having with this program so far is that I’m not eating enough. I need to work on that. The work outs are a lot of fun and I’ve already been able to increase my weights. I found out that what I thought were 5 pound weights (The handles for my Powerblocks) are actually 10 pounds.  So when I thought I was using 5’s and 10’s I was really using 10’s and 15’s. Since then I’ve been able to use 20’s on some of the moves. Yay me!

2016-02-16 09.28.10


I can not wait to see my results at the end of this program. For once, I’m actually getting excited about bikini season instead of dreading it!


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