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7 Tips To Becoming A Morning Workout Person

When asked what keeps people from exercising, “Lack of Time” is one of the most common responses. 

We all seem to be constantly busy. Whether it’s working full time in an out of the home career, being a stay at home parent and working full time in the home, or all of the other activities that keep us running around like crazy, it can be hard to imagine fitting in time to exercise.

I have found that for me, if I wake up and work out I get it done and start my day on a positive note with lots of energy.

If you think that working out in the morning would benefit you, I found these tips from Tammy Kresge on “Organize Yourself Skinny” that can help you create a plan for success:

#1 Pick a realistic time

It is often tempting to set my alarm clock for 4:30am so I can have my workout and shower done by 6:00am. However, that is not realistic or sustainable for me. Trust me I have tried many times. A time I can stick with is 5:30am. This allows me to get the proper amount of sleep and still enough time for a solid workout. If you pick a time that you can never stick with then you will find it very difficult to create a routine and habit around that.

Once you pick a early morning time to exercise then protect that time. It is easy to get off track doing other things. However, if you decide 6:30am – 7:30am is exercise time then make sure nothing else takes priority.

#2 Get a good night sleep

This goes along with the first tip. If you go to bed at midnight not only will it be difficult to wake up at 5:30am it will be even harder to find the energy for a quality workout. We need at least 7-9 hours of sleep to function at our best. I know we all think we are superhuman and can survive on much less. However, we are looking to thrive, not just survive,  so we need our sleep. My goal bedtime is 10:30pm. Any later and I will struggle waking up in the morning.

#3 Put out clothes, sneakers, and earbuds the night before

This is huge! Trust me the last thing you want to do after waking up is search around for all your work out gear. The number of times I went back to bed because I could not find my ear buds is embarrassing. Having your workout gear ready the night before will put you 10 steps ahead come the morning.

Also, plan to get into your workout clothes and put your sneakers on as soon as you wake up. This lets your mind know you are getting ready for a solid sweaty workout!

#4 Plan out your exercise routine ahead of time

Wake up each morning with an exercise plan. What exercises are you going to do? How long? Are you going to switch up exercises on certain days?  Having an exercise plan helps you getting started and stay focused on your workout. However, don’t feel like you need to do an iron man workout every day. Even a little exercise is better than no exercise so do what can. The point is know what those exercises are going to be.

Not having a plan will just waste the precious time you have in the morning.  (Chelley – I use programs that all have pre-made schedules that are easy to follow. If I am using a DVD, I have the menu set to the work out I will be doing the next morning. That way I don’t have to sit through the opening credits. It’s ready to go. Working out at home saves me time because I don’t have to drive anywhere.)


#5 Give yourself a few minutes to wake up

In the past, I would wake up and immediately drag myself down to my basement to exercise. I was barely coherent and many times this caused my workouts to be mediocre at best. When I gave myself 10 minutes to wake up I became more alert and ready to exercise. During that 10 minutes I will drink water, stretch, and start listening to my music. I know this seems very basic but it is these simple tips that have shown some of the biggest results for me.

#6 Put together a motivating play list

The right music is essential to staying motivated during a workout – at least it is for me. When I have high energy motivating music playing I can run 30 minutes without thinking twice about. I highly recommend taking the time to put together a playlist specifically  to listen too when exercising. (Chelley – I usually just use the music that plays in the background of the work outs, but I know people who have playlists they use while they mute the DVDs. Whatever works!)

#7 Exercise often

Whenever you are forming a new exercise habit the key is to do it often (at least 4-5 days) and for a long period of time (3-4 weeks). If you exercise sporadically it will always feel like you are starting from the beginning. Challenge yourself to stick with it.

When you begin waking up early to exercise it will be hard – very hard. You won’t want to do it and will probably have to push yourself a bit. However, after a few days it will get easier. Then after a week or so you will wake up before the alarm goes off and look forward to exercising. After a few weeks it will become second nature – exercising in the morning will become a habit. Once you form the habit you don’t need to be as strict. However, in my experience, keeping exercising consistent will help sustain your exercise habit.

I say this all the time…IT NEVER GETS EASIER YOU ONLY GET BETTER! Keep that in mind when things feel impossible or out of reach. You can do this!

10 Benefits of Working Out From Home 2


If you would like to work out at home and need some guidance to find a program to fit your needs, send me a message. I would love to help you on your fitness journey.



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