As a Beachbody Coach,                With your 25%                                 You will have access to

you earn a commission                discount on Beachbody                  your up-line coach (me)

on all products sold and               programs, you have                       to help you through the

with your military discount,        access to the latest and                 beginning stages of your

you are essentially running         greatest workout programs             coaching career and

a business for free! There             at a fraction of the cost so                beyond.

are no overhead costs and             you can stay fit for less!                  As a team, we will work

no inventory to maintain.              Run your own online                          together to help other

You have access to all                     challenge groups and boot camps      individuals achieve

marketing materials                       featuring your favorite programs           fitness and health

and training to help you                 (or all of them)                                       success and you will

become an elite fitness and            to help yourself stay accountable        experience the thrill

nutrition coach.                                 while coaching and helping                of changing peoples

You have the opportunity                others to achieve their goals at                   lives.

to create a successful and                the same time.                                            Listen, as a brand

profitable coaching business,          You are basically getting paid               new coach, you

risk free!                                                to stay in shape!                                      are going to have

There are not many other                                                                                      questions. I want

opportunities for this!                                                                                           to ensure that you

As an added Bonus,                                                                                                are capable and

Beachbody does everything                                                                                  ready to take on

it can to help you succeed,                                                                                  the task of building

including but not limited                                                                                     your business and

to supplying you with leads                                                                                 becoming a leader

(certain qualifications must                                                                                  in the coaching

be met in order to receive                                                                                       opportunity. You

free leads), incentives,                                                                                       will learn how to run

marketing materials, and more.                                                                           and manage your

online business.

With weekly team calls

and follow ups, you

you are never left behind

in my team of coaches.