The premise of showing you this behind the scenes video is to show you that we all have struggles. Some of ours are easy to see, some are hidden and we’re the only ones who know. But we are all human.

The way that I have been able to make a change in my health in well being is by using Shakeology and the 21 day Fix.

Why Shakeology and 21 Day Fix?

The main reason I have chosen the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology is because it is the one program I have been able to consistently.I have been able to use this program faithfully because of the combination of a variety of exercise, and the nutrition that comes with not only the 21 Day Fix, but the dense nutrition only found in Shakeology.

To truly change your health, you must address nutrition, activity level and supplementation. The ONLY thing I have found that can do that is the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology.


In all reality, what I can say will pale in comparison to the information in the video below. Please check it out for more info on the program and Shakeology: